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Showcasing and celebrating the works of Canadian creators is at the heart of what we do at Telefilm. That is why we are proud to partner with the Female Eye Film Festival, to further boost our support for Canadian creatives at home and around the world.

In this ever-evolving cultural landscape, festivals continue to play an important role in the screen-based industry, growing the talent pool, as well as allowing audiences to celebrate and connect with distinctive Canadian films and the talent behind them.

We encourage you to keep supporting Canadian talent in theatres and on digital platforms!

Julie Roy, Executive Director and CEO, Telefilm Canada.

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AFBS is proud to continue our long-term support to help ensure films made by talented Canadian women directors are showcased. Since 2001, this festival has been at the forefront of advocating for gender equity, inclusion and diversity in the industry. Providing a platform for films directed by women around the world has proven to be an invaluable community initiative with great impact on Canadian cinema.

As a community partner of the Canadian creative industry, AFBS is a fraternal organization that is not driven by profit and provides insurance benefits and retirement savings to performers and screenwriters to support them across all stages of life. We also support our community in many other ways including affordable insurance options for self-employed Canadian artists, contributions to industry-related charitable organizations and sponsorship of Canadian artistic initiatives like FeFF.

In an industry where female filmmakers have been underrepresented, FeFF continues to bring a female perspective and diversity to the art of screen-based storytelling. The vast efforts that go into producing this festival, and the immeasurable results, are something AFBS is proud to stand behind.

On behalf of AFBS, I applaud FeFF for its continued community impact and it is our honour to be a sponsor again this year.

Enjoy the festival, everyone!


Ron Zammit, President & CEO, AFBS.

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IATSE 873 is pleased to once again be supporting the Female Eye Film Festival as it celebrates its 21st year.


Members of the IATSE Local 873 have made remarkable contributions towards the Canadian film and television industry. As the Union Behind Entertainment, we strive to create safe work environments, while encouraging and supporting our talented artisans, and implementing strategies to evoke and sustain change from within.


Through their screenings, networking opportunities and programming, the Female Eye Film Festival provides further opportunities to female film makers which we are proud to support.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this year’s festival and we wish you all another hugely successful event. 

Angela Mastronardi, President IATSE 873.

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Rolling Pictures is a proud sponsor of the 21st Female Eye Festival! We are working diligently to encourage women in post production. It is an absolute honour to work with the FeFF team and filmmakers. Congratulations to everyone involved in the festival!

 Rolling Picture​s

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