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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 9:30AM - 3:30PM  FRIDAY, JULY 28, 9AM - 4:15PM
The Toronto Bahá’í Centre

288 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1V8

Main Hall, 2nd floor


The Script Reading series at FeFF is a creative incubator for writers with completed features and pilots that are ready to be kicked up to the next level. It’s an intensely creative, collaborative, and career-enhancing experience. This program centres on public readings where screenwriters receive feedback from industry experts and their peers, fellow writers.

Made possible with the support of Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS)

Program director and facilitator, Lia Cavasotto.


Free event. Open to festival delegates, industry professionals, and the general public.


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


written by Nahyr Galaz Ruiz (USA)

LOGLINE: A novelist’s idyllic life is turned upside down when she catches her husband cheating. After a visit from beyond the grave by her great-grandmother, she sets out to discover the truths hidden in her family’s long history in order to save herself from the mistakes of her ancestors.


SYNOPSIS: DANI ALBAVERA-VOSS has it all: a successful career as a novelist, a Harlequin romance–like marriage to a handsome, successful attorney, great friends, and that coveted LA life, until one day she finds out her husband cheated on her. Or did he? Without a second thought, Dani activates her escape plan, drains her separate account, and runs away to her mom, who has been waiting for this to happen.


While at her mom’s, Dani is visited by the spirit of her great-grandmother, CAMELINA, who urges her to dig deeper and not commit the same mistakes as the women in her family. Dani is convinced she’s dreaming until she stumbles upon the mysterious chest and shawl that Camelina’s spirit referenced along with a photo of a woman as an Adelita (female soldier). Ever the writer and eager to evade her emotions, Dani begins to research the contents in the chest as well as the mysterious Adelita. As she digs, she flashes back to her childhood and the family mantra, “You cannot trust men – they’re pigs that are only ever after sex.” The more she uncovers, the more is revealed of previous generations of Albavera women as the story begins to jump back and forth through time, revealing a clearer picture of why Dani inherited such a deeply dysfunctional roadmap for love. Ultimately, it’s up to Dani to uncover the truth, break the cycle, and save herself from making the same mistakes as the Albavera women before her.

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


written by Shira Levin (USA)

LOGLINE: Three kick-ass ‘senior’ women, fed up with being unappreciated and ignored, join
forces to fight ageism and exact revenge on one of their offenders, becoming modern day Robin
Hoods along the way.

SYNOPSIS: GERTRUDE, an award winning actor, on the cusp of 70, enters uncharted territory when she finds herself at a commercial audition for adult diapers. CLEO, late 60s, a powerhouse personal assistant to DR. POWERS, a plastic surgeon, discovers he has no intention of keeping his promise to promote her and has instead hired a much younger woman. ISABEL (IZ), early 60s, an irreverent freelance journalist, has to fight for the stories she believes in and prove she’s still relevant. The three women meet and bond over their shared experiences of being treated as if they’re invisible. While filming a movie, Gertrude’s role is in jeopardy due to the fragile ego of her male co star.

Isabel suspects there’s corruption behind Defy, a new anti-aging product developed by Dr. Powers, but is met with resistance as she tries to investigate. In an act of rebellion, after Cleo learns that Dr. Powers is considering firing her, she invites her new friends to spend the weekend at his country house without his knowledge. During their stay, their friendship deepens and things take an unexpected turn when Cleo finds the combination of the doctor’s safe and opens it. They don’t touch the money but instead photograph documents related to Defy, to help Isabel’s investigation. Further ageist challenges ensue, which take a toll on the women. When Cleo realizes she’s definitely going to lose her job, she asks her friends to consider a plan that would previously have been unthinkable to each of them. As events snowball, the three women re-discover their resiliency, regain self-esteem and take full charge of their lives.


1:15 PM - 2:15 PM


written by Roxana Chapela (Canada)

LOGLINE: The journey of a successful woman, a new mother, and a contemporary dancer are interwoven into three tales of deep transformation, self-empowerment, and love.


SYNOPSIS: In current-day Vancouver, Canada, DIANA (38) is a stunning filmmaker who deprecates herself in silence, AMANDA (36) is a new mother dealing with postpartum depression, and LILI (33) is a professional contemporary dancer who is about to reclaim her sexual sovereignty. When baby LUNA arrives, a door opens to their inner world to reveal the unseen darkness that has been hidden for the three of them, as an unwanted initiation to become the women they are meant to be.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


written by Alyssah Richards (Canada)

LOGLINE: In a dystopian future where a mandatory test determines your eligibility to have children, Nova and her partner, Ziah, uncover a government conspiracy, forcing them to evade the law, join an underground community, and ultimately relearn the meaning of family.

SYNOPSIS: In a dystopian future where a mandatory test determines your eligibility to have children, NOVA and her partner, ZIAH, take The Test with high hopes. Simultaneously, a rookie Minors’ Officer (MO) climbs the corporate ladder as the government instates new laws that affect Test applicants. After failing The Test, Nova and Ziah make a decision that will change their lives forever. This decision intertwines their lives with the rookie MO and forces Nova and Ziah to go on the run in search of a safe haven. Along the way, they find new friends and uncover a government conspiracy that threatens the lives of billions of people. Nova and Ziah must race against time while evading the law in order to expose the truth and stop their oppressors before it’s too late.