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*Premiere Status*

World Premiere (WP), North American Premiere (NAP), Canadian Premiere (CP),

Ontario Premiere (OP, Toronto Premiere (TP).

9:45 AM 

(International Shorts)

Total running time: 2 HOURS 10 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Flex Pass $80 (five programs)

General $20

The Sun That
Flew Away

Directed by Ania Jamila

Lidiia and her young daughter Solomiia seek a ray of hope to send back to Kyiv, their Ukrainian homeland, which they fled during the war, leaving behind Lidiia’s husband/ Solomiia’s father and Solomiia's beloved toys. Portrayed by real life characters, Lidiia and Solomiia arrived in Ontario, Canada as Ukrainian refugees.


(04:53, Drama, 2023, ON, Canada, CP)

A Private Message  
Directed by Amen Baran Sahraei

Based on a true story. Rana, a young girl, mistakenly sends a nude photo of herself to her father and finds her life in peril.

(14:50, Drama, 2022, Iran, CP)

Directed by Luka Lara Steffen

For 17-year-old Johanna, a vacation in the idyllic countryside of Piecht is anything but relaxing. While her mother dreams of an ecological alternative to city life, a real nightmare unfolds for Johanna when she confronts the far-right, close-knitted community and encounters brutal resistance.


(29:57, LGBTQIA+ drama, 2023, Germany, TP)

Swim and Float  
Directed by Janina Lutter

When Mila learns that her best friend is going to have sex for the first time, she panics and organizes a sleepover with a former childhood schoolmate, Jonas. As the two become closer, Mila realizes that she is not ready for this kind of intimacy.

(16:45, Drama, 2024, Germany, NAP)

First Last Month
Directed by Elena Vatamanu-Mărgineanu

Doina, a 12-year-old girl, has her first period on the day that her grandmother has a stroke. When Doina’s dad considers taking her grandmother to a nursing home, Diona has to prove to him that she is woman enough to take care of her.


(21:18, Drama, 2024, Poland, WP)

We'll See Each other In the Distance/A la distancia nos vemos  
Directed by Jocelyn Lopez Cárdenas

Seven year old Jimena lives with her mother, who is confined under lock and key. The girl, fed up with her virtual monotony, discovers an unexpected friendship from her window.

(14:38, Drama, 2023, Mexico, NAP)

12:45 PM 

(Canadian Short and Feature)

Total running time: 2 HOURS


Followed by audience Q & A.

Flex Pass $80 (five programs)

General $20

Les Lavandières
Directed by Laura Kamugisha

In this visual essay, strung along a clothesline, a narrator named Lavender tells the story of her mother, Jeanne, a Rwandese immigrant filled with hope.

(04:06, Experimental, 2023, Montréal, Québec, OP)


(AKA Hysteria)
Directed by Reem Morsi

Three Muslim families experience different phases of ethnic cleansing where their neighbors play a part in their survival  or demise.


(01:33:00, Drama, 2023, Toronto, Canada, WP)

4:00 PM 


Total running time: 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES.



6:30 PM 

(Canadian Short and Feature)

Total running time: 2 HOURS 23 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Flex Pass $80 (five programs)

General $20

Mother's Skin
Directed by Leah Johnstton

Newfoundland, 1971. A neglected six-year-old girl struggles to cope with her mother's depression and her father's alcoholic rage. She spends her days alone, fending for herself, as her father works and her mother sleeps. At night, violence erupts around her, threatening to tear her family apart. But when the girl discovers a secret hidden within their home, her dysfunctional world takes on a strange new meaning.


(19:30, Drama, 2022, Halifax, NS, OP)

Feature Presentation

The Dogs  
Directed by Valerie Buhagiar

Cameron Weaver and his mother Katherine settle in an old farmhouse in a small rural town to escape an abuser. There, Cameron meets Jacky - a boy who appears to be from the 1960s - and discovers the farmhouse has a dark past, including the death of its former owners. Is it all in his head? Cameron, unable to shake the visions, attempts to solve the mystery and a murder – ultimately, uncovering the truth about his own disturbing past.

The Dogs is a complex hybrid drama/suspense/ ghost story. Woven throughout is the horror of intimate partner abuse that parallels the lives of two young boys whose friendship evolves from their shared trauma. Based on the novel by Allan Stratton, adapted by Sheila Rogerson and Anthony Artibello.  Distributed by Wild Media Entertainment.

(01:36:00, Suspense Drama, 2023, ON, Canada, WP)

9:45 PM 
(USA Short & Feature)

Total running time: 2 HOURS 18 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Flex Pass $80 (five programs)

General $20

Leaving Yellowstone
Directed by Kayla Arend

Tessa is excited to visit her new boyfriend Mark’s cabin in Yellowstone, but what starts as a romantic winter weekend away quickly takes a turn as Mark’s behaviour begins to change. As he becomes increasingly frightening and violent, Tessa realises she doesn’t really know him at all. Unfortunately inspired by a true story and the lack of assistance available to survivors of violence in a society that frequently protects dangerous men, Leaving Yellowstone uses Nature as an accomplice to rewrite justice into a narrative that too often goes unpunished in real life. 


(22:44, Horror/Thriller, 2022, United States, CP)

Directed by Racheal Cain

When Gemma moves to LA to chase her dreams of acting, she takes a survival job at an experimental sleep clinic where all is not as it seems. As she begins to unravel the mysteries of the clinic, she becomes increasingly unsure of which horrors are real and which are in her mind. With dreamy, nostalgic cinematography and art direction, Somnium is an unnerving yet ultimately uplifting film about facing your fears and finding the strength to believe in yourself when others do not.


(01:32:20, Horror/Thriller Sci Fi, 2023, United States, CP)


TIFF Lightbox - Cinema 4

350 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3X5

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