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*Premiere Status*

World Premiere (WP), North American Premiere (NAP), Canadian Premiere (CP), Ontario Premiere (OP, Toronto Premiere (TP).

12:00 PM 
(Shorts & Feature Documentary)

Total running time: 2 HOURS 11 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Flex Pass $80 (five programs)

General $20

Directed by Bridget Farr

Filmed during an artist’s residency in the Puntarenas region of Costa Rica, Rise flows to the rhythm of dreams. A woman’s soul is awakened by the jungle and begins a journey guided by the wisdom of nature and her soul.


(02:00, Experimental. 2023, Toronto, Canada, OP)

The Shadow of Dawn   
Directed by Olga Stalav

An incorporeal Shadow takes up a dangerous adventure through a mystical forest, fancy castle and dream world to save her frivolous owner from a cursed Beast.

(14:54, Puppet Animation, 2024, Estonia, CP)


Three (Extra) Ordinary Women 
Directed by Cionin Lorenzo and Pearlette Ramos

Through captivating images of Mount Kilimanjaro and eye-catching animation, Three (Extra) Ordinary Women tells the personal stories of three women of colour who have collectively overcome poverty, abuse, systemic racism, and political occupation through practicing forgiveness, helping others and immersing themselves in nature. As they brave their biggest physical obstacle yet – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - trekking up Africa’s tallest peak through arctic temperatures and some of the highest altitude on the planet, they discover they still have emotional hurdles to climb.


(01:32:00, Documentary, 2024, USA, CP)

3:30 PM 
(International Shorts)

Total running time: 2 HOURS 11 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Flex Pass $80 (five programs)

General $20

Directed by Huiru Shi

A seamstress, Yokai, tormented by her dreams, navigates a literal and symbolic maze to confront the creature and free herself from the psychological labyrinth that mirrors her inner struggles. Lei is a symbolic journey that represents the complex struggle many face when dealing with mental health issues and provides a metaphoric perspective on self-doubt and existential fear.


(11:59, Sci-fi / Fantasy / Thriller, 2024, Toronto, Canada, WP)

Statu Quo Chouchou (Favourite Only Child) 
Directed by Juliette Poitras

Fanny keeps quiet: she does not want to be a bother.


(09:51, Experimental Drama, 2023, Montréal, Québec)

The Ornament
Directed by Jinjara Mitchell

A seemingly innocent, holiday homework assignment transforms into a heart-wrenching test for 9-year-old Tessa, forcing her to confront the ultimate decision: disclose the painful truth about her abusive mother or continue to perpetuate the lies she's expected to tell.


(15:00, Drama, 2023, Canada, WP)

Age of Consent   
Directed by Katherine Gauthier and Ben Sanders

Héloise lives a vibrant, independent life in spite of her advanced age and her deteriorating memory. When a shocking intrusion shakes up her reality, her adult children are left with a conundrum: how can you trust someone who can't trust themselves? When the mind betrays you, how do you maintain agency over your own body? 75-year-old Margaret Lamarre gives a wrenching and revelatory performance, opposite Stratford star Maev Beaty (Beau is Afraid) and Order of Canada recipient Peter Hinton-Davis.


(12:58, Drama, 2023, Toronto, Canada, TP)

The Complaint 
Directed by Maria Trevis

Hardworking mum, Katy, is frustrated with the institution responsible for her future career and is determined to take her formal complaint to the top, to the Complaints Officer. Through a bizarre and archaic turn of events, the world she knows unravels around her, causing her to question her reality.


(10:35, Drama, 2024, United Kingdom, WP)

The Moth    
Directed by Charlene Fisk

Maeve, an aging recluse whose only companion is her late dog's ashes, finds solace in the orderliness of her home and the quietness of her solitary life. However, her peace is disrupted when a rogue clothing moth infiltrates her sanctuary.


(12:59, Drama, 2023, USA, NAP)

The Storm  
Directed by Wendi Tang

In late September 2008, Xiaomin, class president in her elementary school graduating class, is reported by her classmates to have been seen consorting with street hooligans outside the school. Facing questions from people she trusts most in the world, she must challenge the idea of what she really wants.


(16:28, Drama, 2022, China, CP)

Directed by Nadine Wilson

Abandoned by his father, young Zach struggles with feelings of loss and self-blame. Despite his mother's encouragement to express his emotions, Zach shies away, convinced that crying reflects weakness. At least that’s what Daddy says. However, when his cherished cat goes missing, he embarks on a relentless journey to find his beloved pet.


(13:29, Drama, 2023, United Kingdom, CP)

7:00 PM 

Total running time: 2 HOURS 11 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Flex Pass $80 (five programs)

General $20

Directed by Emilie Racine

Created in the form of a palimpsest between mythical references and personal mythology, Persephone addresses mother-daughter transmission.


(15:22, Fanatstique, fiction (non narrative), 2023, Canada, OP)

Feature Presentation

Directed by Caroline Corrie

England 1905. A letter from Tzar Nicholas to Lord Bartlett recounts the Bloody Sunday Massacre in Saint Petersburg and becomes the catalyst for a woman’s courageous rebellion against her oppressive husband.

Corrie’s astonishing debut as writer, actor and director is a tour de force.

(01:25:00, Period, 2024, United Kingdom, NAP)

8:30 PM

Closing Reception. Presented by inkcanada in partnership with Paramount+ in Canada 

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