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FeFF Founder

Artistic & Executive Director

​Leslie Ann Coles

Welcome to the 22nd Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF).

This year we are excited to showcase an eclectic and thought-provoking selection of films directed by women and female-identifying filmmakers from around the world. We are thrilled to have so many exemplary screenwriters, producers, directors and their cast and crew here with us in Toronto to celebrate their work.

2024 marks an exciting new initiative in collaboration with The Writers Lab (NYC) and the Firecracker Department with the launch of the inaugural TWL Canada in-person screenwriting intensive. As part of this official launch, we are delighted to celebrate the co- producers of The Writers Lab, Elizabeth Kaiden and Nitza Wilon with a Best In Biz Tribute which will be followed by a TWL masterclass at FeFF.

I cannot emphasize the importance of art, in all its forms, at this crucial juncture in our collective and shared history as humans and I thank and applaud you for having the courage to create. I want to thank the Board of Directors, our tireless team, and all the volunteers for their dedication and commitment to FeFF’s vision. This edition would not have been possible without the generous support of Experience Ontario, I.A.T.S.E 873, AFBS, Ontario Creates and the Ontario Arts Council for their generous and unwavering support, particularly in a time where we have seen a retraction due to these turbulent times.

Lastly, I wish to announce that we're bringing back the Dec. 6th Program 2024 in which we will present films dedicated to raising awareness of Violence Against Women and girls in Memoriam of the Montreal Massacre (Dec. 6, 1989). Proceeds will be donated to women and children impacted by violence.

Upward and Onward! 

Leslie Ann Coles (She/her),

Founder, Executive/Artistic Director, The Female Eye

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