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*Premiere Status*

World Premiere (WP), North American Premiere (NAP), Canadian Premiere (CP), Ontario Premiere (OP, Toronto Premiere (TP).

10:00 AM 
(Dramatic Shorts)

Total running time: 1 HOUR 29 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.


Ticket $15 (per program)

Directed by Un Di Gallo

Two friends spend an endless, muggy summer exploring their industrial neighbourhood. Electrical towers dot the beach and factories loom high above them as they pass the time doing small acts of mischief. Their days are largely cyclical until they encounter a strange event at the beach which threatens to disrupt their friendship and sense of reality forever.


(08:15, Animation, 2024, ON, Canada, CP)

Good Girl   
Directed by Sunita Miya-Muganza

Halima, a single mother living in a close-knit, East African community in Calgary, is thrust into a precarious situation when she makes a last-minute decision to stop her 13-year-old daughter Salama, from making a trip back to Kenya to be circumcised. Halima knows that choosing to flout tradition may cost her everything; her community, reputation, and way of life. 

(12:40, Drama, 2023, ON, Canada, NAP)

Directed by Kate Campbell

A brief yet raw look into a woman's mind and heart as she continues to balance the grief of her two miscarriages.


(15:29, Drama, 2024, ON, Canada, TP)

Treat Day    
Directed by Lisa Kockeritz

It’s “Treat Day” and Deborah has cash in her pocket and a stocked tuck shop in the lobby of her building. Overwhelmed with options, the cashier steers her towards a candy and cassette tape deal. Reunited with music from decades ago, Deborah is joyfully transported back in time. By the end of her journey, we are left to wonder, whose “Treat Day” is it?

(11:29, Drama, 2023, ON, Canada, TP)

Directed by Liz Whitmere

Jane likes things to be clean. Jane has just turned 40. Jane is cold all the time; her skin is grey; her appetite is nonexistent. Something is wrong. Her doctor, her friends, her partner, all tell her it’s normal—this happens to women of a certain age. Her friends are showing signs of decay themselves... It’s just the reality of The Change. The important thing is not to let yourself go. Jane tries to “fake it till she makes it,” but her body is decomposing at an alarming rate… which is when things really start to fall apart.


(20:00, Horror/Comedy, 2023, ON, Canada, TP )

Directed by Jessica Hinkson

As Sara navigates the stress of her flight being delayed multiple times, a missed call from an unknown number sends her spiralling into distress. Taking refuge in a bar, an unlikely stranger becomes the confessional she didn’t know she needed and the support to tackle her diagnosis.

(11:00, Drama, 2023, Drama, ON, Canada, TP)

Mist Me 
Directed by Karen Kaeja

In a moving painting, the artist searches for her 6-year old self. Amidst childhood traumas and adult treasures, she finds expansive flight in aging.


(08:30, Experimental/ Dance, 2023, ON, Canada, CP)

12:30 PM 
(Short & Feature Documentary)

Total running time: 59 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Ticket $15 (per program)

Squeegee Boy 
Directed by Chun-Wei Hung

In a quest to find belonging and acceptance, a young trans, Asian-American, teenager yearns to become part of a tight-knit group of squeegee boys in the city of Baltimore. But as he navigates the challenges of this gritty urban landscape and grapples with the complexities of his own identity, he discovers that the job demands more than just physical labour, it requires a strength of character and a resilience that he must cultivate from within.


(14:23, Coming-of-Age, 2023, ON, Canada, CP)

Directed by Dar Dowling

In Hebrew, "Hineni" translates to "here I am." This documentary delves into the journey of Moshe, a trans man, who felt a profound calling to convert to conservative Judaism—and answered it. Featuring rare footage and insightful interviews, the film follows Moshe every step of the way, from his decision to embark on the conversion process to deeply personal moments, including discussions with Rabbis on how to approach circumcision.


(44:00, Documentary, 2024, USA, WP)

2:30 PM 


(Int. Shorts)

Total running time: 1 HOUR 23 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Ticket $15 (per program)

What Remains 
Directed by Edie Steiner

What Remains is a 3-minute video poem addressing the issue of “becoming-with.” What and how do we become-with in a world dominated by technology and spectacle, development and decay? How do bodies figure into constructions of progress and world design?


(03:10, Experimental, 2023, ON, Canada, NAP)

Heideh: A Return   
Directed by Sara Kazemimanresh

A short experimental video essay that consists of a series of rotoscoped animation sequences intercut with home video footage excerpts. The film offers glimpses of Hayedeh (1942-1990), the exiled diva of post-revolution Iran, and her constant desire for an impossible return to her homeland. The visual narrative is intercepted by recorded voice-over of personal musings on the concepts of belonging and memory.

(04:48, Experimental, 2022, USA, CP)

The Canadian Dream 
Directed by Ilse Moreno

A migrant worker's pursuit of ‘The Canadian Dream’ takes a nightmarish turn as he uncovers an unsightly truth in the Ontarian agricultural industry.


(08:48, Documentary, 2024, ON, Canada)

Directed by Sahra Asadollahi

Following the tragic death of their one-year-old child caught in an attack with the father who is critically wounded and unconscious; a woman borrows a child from a nearby home with the hope that her husband will believe their daughter is still alive and awaken.

(14:55, Drama, 2024, Iran, WP )

250 km 
Directed by Hasmik Movsisyan

When a war suddenly breaks out, a 14-year-old boy finds himself faced with a decision that could save his family. With no time to think of the consequences, he embarks on a treacherous 250 kilometre journey.  


(22:30, Drama, 2022, Armenia, TP)

Above the Desert with No Name
Directed by Sonia Sabastian

Twelve year old, Silvia has already witnessed how sexual violence can shape the world around her. After illegally crossing the border with her mother and siblings, old patterns begin to emerge and Silvia finds solace sitting alone on the balcony of their apartment building.

(16:20, Drama, 2023, Mexico, NAP)

Voices to Be Heard 
Directed by Lila Rios

This documentary unveils the current moment that Iran is facing, using point testimonials from Iranian immigrants in Canada as reference. It highlights the humanity felt by people who belong to a country that is experiencing a cultural and radical conflict.


(13:00, Documentary, 2023, ON, Canada, WP)

*Premiere Status*

World Premiere (WP), North American Premiere (NAP), Canadian Premiere (CP), Ontario Premiere (OP, Toronto Premiere (TP).

4:45 PM 

Total running time: 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Ticket $15 (per program)

One Happy Customer 
Directed by WATTS

Set in the red-light district of a heightened world that mischievously blends live action and animation, One Happy Customer follows the daily routine of an older sex worker: luring clients in, snatching up their cash, and using her special trick to leave them satisfied—and more importantly, to get them out of her hair as quickly as possible. She’s listless, even bored. It’s business as usual, until one customer—an old, seemingly decrepit man—arrives looking for something more. And he’s got a trick or two of his own to impress the woman who’s seen it all.


(06:20, Animated Comedy/Fantasy/ Romance, 2023, USA, CP)

The Callback 
Directed by Kara Herold

The Callback is a short comedy about a struggling artist in an out-of-touch film industry. The film blends fiction, animation, humour and poetry to call out an industry where women are underrepresented and underwritten.


(13:13, Comedy, 2024, USA, WP)

Directed by Marissa Emmanuelle Velez

PANTIES is a provocative short film about a woman’s relationship with this essential piece of clothing.


(03:40, Short Documentary, 2024, NAP)

& Other Concerns 
Directed by Sabina Olivia Lambert

Elizabeth (33) finds herself trapped in a surreal escape room. The timing couldn’t be worse since she’s already jumpy about her big day tomorrow. One by one, her three closest friends show up but instead of helping her, they’re more concerned with bickering about her life choices. When Elizabeth solves the final riddle without them and is knocked unconscious, her friends learn they need to work together if they’re all going to make it out alive.


(16:56, Drama/ Fantasy, 2023, USA, CP)

Directed by Cate Fogarty

After being diagnosed with herpes, a young woman's shame taunts her before her big date.


(08:16, Dramedy, 2022, USA, CP)

When you know you...know?  
Directed by Katie Uhlmann

This film follows three individuals whose lives are ruined through social media in a fun and dark exploration of "Instagram vs reality".


(12:58, Dramedy, 2023, ON, Canada, OP)

Directed by Birgitta Liljedahl

When Mother 1 (46) struggles with a tired body, a failed bun-baking project, and hopeless over-aged children, Lisa (22) and Dennis (64), conflicts soon escalate beyond what's accepted by The State of Sweden. The doorbell rings. And The Inspector enters, providing the States quality solution: a shining, new Mother 2 (27). A Mother that fulfills all criteria, not only for the children and the State, but that might even interest a most critical, new Father. Mother 1 fights for her life against the Inspector, the State and Mother 2's tetra-organic cabbage from Peru but soon finds herself deported to Svalbard, by the police. When Mother 1 strikes back, the children meet a force they've never witnessed before. POTATO is an absurd, socially critical comedy that takes place in a future closer than we would like.


(14:29, Experimental/ Dramedy, 2024, Sweden, CP)

7:00 PM 
(North American Short & Foreign Feature)

Total running time: 1 HOUR 36 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Ticket $15 (per program)

The Day
Directed by Noora Mohaghegh

An elder sister eagerly awaits her little brother’s return, following his circumcision. When family and friends congregate at the family home to celebrate her brother’s manhood, the girl gets her period and is banned from entering the ceremony.


(05:58, Drama, 2023, Iran, NAP)


Feature Presentation

The Goat 

Directed by Ilaria Borrelli, starring Mira Sorvino, John Savage and Amr Saad

Hadyia, a pregnant eleven year old orphan, escapes from her village after having been forced into marriage. She takes the road to freedom alone with her goat, whose milk she will use to survive. The Goat explores complex themes of human nature, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of the human soul.


Starring Mira Sorvino, John Savage, Amr Saad, Sayede Ragab, Maya Talem. Introducing Jessica Hosameldin, Alma Freddi and Holden Backus.(01:30:00, Drama, 2023, Egypt, NAP)

9:45 PM 
(North American Short & Feature)

Total running time: 1 HOUR 55 MINUTES.


Followed by audience Q & A.

Ticket $15 (per program)

Have a Good Day 
Directed by Lisa Soper

Horror writer Jodi Sloan (LUCY DAVIS) battles creative block by exploring gripping ideas, only to discard them in absurd ways. On one particularly uninspired day, Ben, (ERIC JOHNSON) her overly optimistic mailman interrupts her solitary routine, delivering not only her mail but also a cup of tea, eerily tailored to her tastes. Despite Jodi's discomfort, she engages in awkward yet polite conversation, mirroring the contrived nature of her writing. As night falls, a sinister masked figure lurks outside.


(27:38, Comedy/ Horror, 2024, ON, Canada, TP)

Feature Presentation

Sour Party 
Directed by Amanda Drexton & Michael A. Drexton

Gwen and James are two broke, self-absorbed, emotionally stunted 30-somethings, eking their way through a meager LA existence. They've tried everything to get rich quick, playing the victims all the way. To save face in front of family, Gwen and James set out on a twisted road trip across Los Angeles in an attempt to collect on "debts." They encounter an array of frenemies, failed artists, toxic males, and one supernatural being on their quest. What begins as a journey to confront the ghosts of their pasts quickly shifts gears as Gwen and James realize maybe they're not the victims after all - maybe they've just been throwing themselves a sour party.


(01:24:22, Comedy, 2023, USA, CP)

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